Can You Reduce Your Period Plastic Waste?

Like many people in recent years I have been looking at different ways to make areas of my life more sustainable. From trying to shop locally, using refill shops, and buying from ethical companies, there are many ways to make small changes to become more eco-friendly.

So let’s talk periods. When looking at sanitary products, as much as 90% of a pad can be made up of plastic, with a single pack containing around 4 carrier bags worth. Considering that an average of 20 items are used per person per period, it’s estimated that during their lifetime those who menstruate could use 11,000 sanitary items. Thats a lot of plastic. But finally, in the wave of sustainability and eco alternatives, it seems that sanitary products are finally changing too.

Around 2 years ago I decided to look at how I could reduce my impact on the environment with my sanitary items. After a bit of research I decided to try TOTM sanitary pads, and I was instantly wowed (not a sponsored post, just a product I personally use and wanted to share!). After using them for a couple of years now I am still just as impressed. I find them super comfortable, and not irritating at all as I have found other products in the past. Their pads are made from organic breathable cotton and are free from fragrance, deodorants, wood pulp or chlorine bleach, so are kind on your body and come individually wrapped in a compostable and biodegradable biofilm, so are kind on the planet too. They also have tampons, liners and menstrual cups, so no matter which type of product you prefer they’ve got your back. 

There is a lot of choice out there for both single use and reusable period products. Whether a cup, reusable pads or period underwear its important to find a product that works best for your body!

Lets see if we can #EndPeriodPlastic together!