Companies We Love

Here at TurnAround Earth we are always looking for ways we can make our home lives more sustainable, and reduce the waste we produce. We wanted to highlight some of the companies we love and personally shop with, to hopefully give you some inspiration on small steps you can take to make your lives a little greener! (NB these are not paid promotions, just companies we wanted to share!).


Did you know that over a third of the food grown around the world is wasted? Whether it’s deemed ‘too’ wonky, ‘too’ big or ‘too’ odd, 3 million tonnes of fruit and veg is thrown away each year in the UK alone before it even leaves the farm. Why? Because big supermarkets don’t want this ‘imperfect’ produce sitting on their shelves, even though its perfectly fresh and perfectly delicious! Oddbox want to tackle this food waste. Each week they put together boxes of fruit and/or veg that farmers and growers aren’t able to sell to other shops, delivering to your door overnight which also reduces delivery emissions!

You can see in advance what you’ll be getting in each box, can select any fruit or veg that you’d prefer not to have, and each box comes with recipe ideas based on what you've received. If you’d like to try Oddbox for yourself you can check out the different boxes that are available here!

Fast fashion has recently been highlighted as a major factor in waste production, often made of cheaper, synthetic fabrics which don’t last very long and end up in land fill very quickly! Palava are a sustainable, slow fashion brand that are working in many ways to try and reduce this waste. They create beautiful clothes for women and children, as well as homeware, gifts and doggy accessories, made from hard-wearing, long lasting fabric that are all natural and biodegradable: Cotton, Linen, Wool and Tencel™.

All of their clothing is made in London, and by only creating small batches of each design it means that there is no deadstock, and any scraps left over from the process are made into accessories meaning they are zero-waste on their fabrics! Double win! They are also now plastic free after launching their new packaging which is made rom a bio-based resin and are 100% biodegradable. Sustainable superstars!

One of the simplest ways you can look to make your home lives more sustainable is to make easy swaps in how you clean. This is why we love EcoVibe! They have a range of different cleaning products, as well as home care products and beauty care, that are eco-friendly in a whole host of ways. Some of our personal faves are their compostable sponges, which are made in the UK from wood-pulp and are 100% biodegradable, and their coconut scourers which are plastic free, biodegradable and made from discarded coconut husks which are leftover as waste from the food industry.

Since their launch in 2018 they have helped save over 374 tonnes of plastic, with 46% of their products UK made (and more each year!) helping to reduce carbon emissions. They also ensure that all of their packaging is plastic free - winner!

If you have any fave companies that you’d love to share, let us know! 

Rosie =)