How are we sustainable as a business?

Tree-licious News

Since we started TurnAround Earth in January 2021 we set ourselves a mission to be a fully sustainable business with a zero carbon footprint. Unfortunately as a new business this can't happen straight away, but we are already taking steps to get down to this.

Calculating Carbon Footprint

The first step to lowering carbon is finding out what your starting with. We did this with the help of Albert, who did a carbon calculator for everything related to TurnAround Earth. As we launched TurnAround with sustainability at its core our carbon emissions are exceptionally low at just 230 kgCO2e per year (the equivalent of the emissions produced by 4kg of beef).

Planting Trees

Once we found this out, we were delighted, but.... why not get it even lower? We decided to offset our emissions through Ecologi by planting a tree with every order. As of June 2021, our 133 trees planted, once matured, will sequester 3tCO2e per year; meaning that in the future we will be net positive and contributing to biodiversity in Madagascar whilst actively reducing global emissions. Yay!

Why aren't we Carbon Neutral now?

When you place an order with TurnAround Earth a tree sapling is planted and then protected in Madagascar. A sapling takes in significantly less carbon than a fully grown tree. So each year our TurnAround Forest will increase in size as well as increase the amount of carbon it absorbs. We just need to have a little patience for our saplings to grow!

It's great we can off-set that 4kg beef worth of carbon we're emitting, but it doesn't mean can be lazy with our choices. We will continue to make sustainable choices with every aspect of the business from the pens we write with to the way we get your products to your door.