How to dispose of your recyclable masks

EcoBreathe Easier!

Even the most sustainable of folk can feel like they are in a mine field when it comes to recycling, and there is good reason! Depending on where you are in the country, different items can and can't be recycled.

Now, I am not here to preach what you should or shouldn't be doing with your cereal boxes, but I am here to offer guidance for recycling the Eco Breath medical masks.

We were over joyed to find the EcoBreathe masks, as this is what our oceans are calling for in the Coronavirus pandemic. A Recyclable Face Mask!!!!

However, the mask is made from 100% Polypropylene, which is deemed a Grade 5 plastic and can be more complex to recycle. One third of local authorities accept this plastic for recycling, but the other two thirds don't have the facilities to process it.

Recycle By Returning

EcoBreathe have you covered if you are in an area that won't accept this Grade 5 plastic for recycling.

When you order a box of masks, you will receive your sealed box of masks, a postcard explaining the recycling process safely and a return label.

When you have used and finished with a mask, instead of throwing it in the trash, put it in the plastic bag that your masks came in (inside the box). After you have done this with all 50 masks, pop the bag of masks into a shipping bag/box and whack on the return label. Wait 72 hours to quarantine the masks, then return via your local post office.

When the masks are sent back to EcoBreathe, they are processed at their warehouse and then shipped in one bulk to their recycling partners; guaranteeing that every mask will be recycled!

They will then collect and process them at their warehouse, before shipping them in bulk to one of their recycling partners


Recycle in Your Area

If everything above sounds great, but you want to know if you local authority will accept the mask, here are the steps you should take!

Step 1: Search for your local Council website

Step 2: Find their recycling/rubbish webpage

Step 3: On this page there will be a link to an area detailing recycling

Maybe "Recycling A-Z" or "What can and can't be recycled"

Remember every council is different, and thus has a different website layout

Step 4: Look to see if they have any Grade 5 plastics on the list of what they recycle

Step 5: If Grade 5 plastics are mentioned as plastics they accept, then your EcoBreathe Mask can be recycled.

 **Please note we can not guaranteed that your masks will be recycle in this way as it can easily be mistaken as a non recyclable masks! To find specifics please contact your local authority. 

Other Examples of Grade 5 Plastic

You can recycle your masks if your Local Authority mentions:
♻️  Plastic Straws
♻️  Bottle Caps
♻️  Tupperwear
♻️  Ketchup/ Condiment Bottles
♻️  Yoghurt Containers
♻️  Packing Tape
♻️  Cereal Liners
♻️  Plastic Bags (that don't stretch)

Let's finish on the groovy bit. What happens once your mask has been recycled? It could be recycled into brooms, garden rakes or plastic trays!
Keep Recycling and Stay Safe,