Little Village - Our Chosen Charity


As well as having a positive impact on the environment, TurnAround Earth's goal is to make a difference to our local communities too in whichever way we can. This is why we give a percentage of our sales to a charity close to our hearts.

We will change our charity every three months to allow us to raise funds for a range of sectors, and each of our founders will take it in turns to choose, and this month it’s me, Rosie.

Our next chosen charity is Little Village, who provide care packages of essentials for families in need.


Who they are

Little Village are based in London, with hubs in Camden, Wandsworth and Southwark. They describe themselves as like a food bank, but for clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children up to the age of 5. They launched in 2016, and have supported thousands of families in need since then. During 2020 they saw the number of families double from 2019, supporting over 6950 children in just one year.

The charity is assisted by over 500 volunteers across the capital who help the charity with sorting donations, delivering bundles to families, and contacting families to check in on them.

What they do

Little Village work with families who have been referred by a selection of professionals such as midwives, social workers and children centres. Some of the families they support are dealing with challenging circumstances such as unemployment, low wages, homeless and domestic violence, all of which could have been worsened by Covid 19. 

The charity collects donations of a selection of products, with an aim to provide any essentials that a family may require. From clothes, toys, toiletries, nappies and bedding they accept second-hand and new items, before passing them on to families who need them most.

Since the start of lockdown Little Village have been working with families to delivery care packages for those in need. Packages include baby/toddler packs of toiletries, toys and clothing, as well as packs for parents.

If you would like to show your support for Little Village, here are some links to ways you can help.

Donate money to help Little Village run their hubs

Donate new and pre-loved items that will be given to families in need

Use their shop to buy packs to provide support for families

Find out how to volunteer for Little Village


Rosie x