Our first feature! New Scientist Magazine...

Green and Ethical checklist! 

TurnAround Earth are proud to be featured in the New Scientist's Green and Ethical Checklist - 'Commerce with a conscience' 

Here at TurnAround Earth we have one simple mission, to inspire business' and individuals to make small sustainable changes, starting with items we have used everyday during the pandemic, PPE! 

Single use plastic masks and gloves continue to scatter our oceans and destroy our eco-systems. 

So we couldn't be happier to know our small mission has not gone unnoticed, and we were thrilled to be featured in the New Scientists Green and Ethical checklist. Sat amongst other amazing environmentally-balanced business', the New Scientists contacted us as one of the only companies currently supplying eco-friendly PPE. 

We are passionate about what we do, and it is great to spread the word far and wide about the importance of protecting yourself, others and our planet! 

Thank you New Scientist, for making 4 ladies very happy and for helping spread the eco-conscious message. 


Lots of love, 
Abi X