Sufra - Our First Chosen Charity

A percentage of our sales goes directly to a charity each QUARTER

As well as having a positive impact on the environment, TurnAround Earth's goal is to make a difference to our local communities too in whichever way we can. This is why we give a percentage of our sales to a charity close to our hearts.

We will change our charity every 3 months to allow us to raise funds for a range of sectors, and each of our founders will take it in turns to choose. This time it's me (Lily).

Our first chosen Charity we are supporting is Sufra Food Bank and Kitchen in NW London.

Sufra Food Bank and Kitchen

Sufra Food bank and kitchen is based in North West London, and is much more than just a food bank, offering vast amounts of support and joy for the community.

Food Bank

Surfra's Food bank gives those in need access to emergency supplies that will last them 5-7 days. This includes products such as toothpaste, canned goods and nappies.

Community Kitchen

Surfras community kitchen is currently closed due to Covid, but still needs a mention.  They cook 3 course vegetarian hot meals for anyone in the community regardless of their circumstances including families experiencing food poverty and people who are socially isolated and lonely. The kitchen is normally open every Friday from 6:30-8:30pm for 90 guests  

Edible Garden

Sufra have created their own edible garden, the produce is distributed at their Food Bank or used to prepare food in their Community Kitchen including eggs from their Chicken Coop. They host a huge range of activities, workshops and groups from the garden to get the local community involved in growing and maintaining a thriving Edible Garden.

Refugee Support

Their Refugee Resettlement Programme supports a wide range of refugees and asylum seekers, including a number of families from war torn Syria. They help them to find housing, provide food and help them access medical services. They are currently supporting 70 families.

Welfare Advice

Sufra offers support for people in crisis. They help them with issues such as benefits, housing and employment. If you require this service, visit Sufra's  Food Bank as a guest and simply ask for help! 

If you want to support Sufra, here are some links to help them.

You can donate food for the their food bank

You can give a cash donation that will be used for supplies

You can shop for their food bank... who doesn't love shopping

You can round up for transactions with Pledjar and donate all those extra pennies

After Covid19, when their Kitchen Re-opens you can volunteer in their kitchen


Lily x