We Repurpose, Reuse and Recycle all our packaging

Packaging a Punch

It took a long time to decide how to package our products. There is a whole world out there of recycled eco boxes and packaging that stretch and shrink as required. We knew we wanted our boxes to look professional and be recognisable as TurnAround Earth. However we couldn't justify buying new boxes no matter how eco they are as we knew there would be unwanted carbon emissions to ship them to our office. It seemed unnecessary and completely off brand.

As we launched in January 2021, we were all pretty certain we could stock a fair amount of boxes and packaging paper in the lead up to Christmas. Much to the dismay of each of our partners we did a pretty good job of saving up a big stash of cardboard in each of our houses. The goal is to repurpose, reuse and recycle any waste we can to maximise the sustainability of TurnAround Earth. 

To keep your products safe we use a strong paper tape that is fully recyclable - no need to pull it off before throwing the box in the recycling. Our tape is branded with our logo, so you know its from us!

Inside every box you will find a note from us. Every note is handwritten and could be a simple thank you for supporting our small business or it could be a request for some feedback. These notes are written on recycled paper and stamped with our logo using vegan Ink!

What to expect from your parcel?

Every parcel from TurnAround Earth is unique. It could be an old amazon box or the box our gloves came to us in. 

Our internal packing material used to keep your products safe will also be unique. It could be paper, foam or even bubblewrap. One thing you can count on is your products will be kept safe for their journey. 

If you are unable to repurpose or reuse our packaging once you have your products, please recycle it.

Lots of Love,