What are the benefits of visors?

Since the first lockdown in March 2020 there has been a lot of changing information on PPE, ventilation and what we are required to do to keep safe. We get a-lot of questions asking if visors are still needed and what the benefits are of wearing them?

Eye Protection

As a visor covers the eyes, it protects the wearer against viruses (including Covid19) from entering the body through water based droplets. This may seem a bit excessive, but as people start to go out without face masks, this is going to become increasingly important.

If someone with Covid19 were to cough or sneeze, the virus could be passed through the eyes. By wearing a visor you protect the eyes and keep yourself safe.

Minimises Touch Points

Visors are a great physical barrier for touching the face. This prevents any bacteria on your hands reaching or contaminating the face.

Lip Reading

Face coverings have been an obstruction for those with hearing impairments, as they make lip-reading, understanding facial expressions or for understanding non-verbal communication difficult. 

As visors are clear it illuminates all these obstructions allowing full communication for all. The ReelShield Flip Visors also include a mist prevention technology and have space for glasses wearers, giving you long lasting clear vision.

Our ReelShield Flip Visors sit around the head not the ears, so wont effect hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Keeping Safe

Face masks are a requirement within a health setting to keep yourself and those around you safe. We recommend that face visors be worn in junction with face masks if you are able to.

Keep Safe,

Lily x