What can Physiotherapists do to be more Sustainable?

It's going tibia easy!

With the average person spending 1,795 hour a year in their work environment, it's very important to look at becoming sustainable in the workplace. 

Easily done if you're working from home... swap to loose leaf tea, avoid plastic wrapped food and wear locally bought slippers. Not so easy when you're effectively having to wear a throw away uniform every time you encounter someone. I'm talking about physiotherapists and other healthcare providers who have had to add PPE to their essentials products to keep safe during the pandemic. 

This is why TurnAround Earth started. We are here to help!

I run a Sports Massage Clinic in North London and was shocked at how much more waste I was creating when returning to work during the Corona Virus Pandemic. After a-lot of searching, I managed to find some sustainable PPE products online, but they were all from different websites hiking up my carbon footprint and costing a tonne for separate deliveries. After explaining my concerns to Abi, Faye and Rosie at our monthly book club we decided to do something about it and TurnAround Earth was created. We want to be a one-stop-shop for small businesses to buy the sustainable products they need.

Let's flash forward 3 months and TurnAround Earth started with medical grade PPE products that are all sustainable in different ways- be it recyclable biodegradable or compostable. We feel this is the perfect starting point for Physiotherapists with an eco mindset, and who are looking to be more sustainable. We have made sure that our products are premium and meets healthcare need, which is why all our PPE products are CE certified and meet medical standards.


We will be launching more products in February and March 2021, so it would be great to hear what you want to see us stock next!

What do you want to see?


I just want to finish with a huge thank you to all of you who have continued to treat clients throughout Covid19!

Stay Safe and Stay Sustainable

Lily x