What's the TAE?

Rosie, Abi, Faye and Lily met at The University of Greenwich. Forming a bond over a good pub and a wicked sense of humour, we have watched each other grow as young female professionals spanning different industries within London.

TurnAround Earth, like most great ideas, started in a pub. Meeting for our monthly book club, and after demolishing half a cake, our conversation soon turned away from the literature and ended up with TurnAround Earth.

Discussing Lily's sports massage clinic, 'TurnAround Therapy’, which she started in 2017, Lily mentioned some of the issues she was facing trying to ensure her clinic was zero waste.

Once the Coronavirus pandemic hit, it added a new concern around finding recyclable PPE and cleaning products. The problem wasn’t the lack of products out there, but that they were all coming from different suppliers – increasing her carbon footprint and cost of delivery!

A few more beers in, and we found a possible solution: TurnAround Earth.

From September 2020 we worked alongside our full-time jobs, to launch TurnAround Earth in January 2021. Granted, launching a business over video call was not easy, but we would not change a thing!

Oh, and a shout out to our intern Frankie, Faye's puppy and our official mascot. We guarantee she will make many an appearance!