TurnAround Earth was established with sustainability at it's core.

We saw a problem (a lack of sustainable PPE out there and no one place that sold everything needed) and decided to do something about it. From then on we have questioned every choice we've made to try and be as sustainable as possible; from the the ink we use for our stamps to the way we commute to & from our office. 

Here is a breakdown of the sustainable choices we have made so far:


Every product we stock has been tried and tested by us because we only want to stock products we are excited by. We don't stand for wishy washy claims of 'eco friendly' or 'green' products, we only stock products that can validate any eco claims. You will see the eco certificates and standards attached to all our product descriptions.

When we order stock, we also try to minimise the number of deliveries we receiveto keep our carbon footprint to the minimum.


We made a conscious effort to re-use and re-purpose boxes as part of our packaging to minimise waste. This packaging is sourced from our own households as well as donations from neighbours and local businesses. Our office is jam packed with flat packed boxes and packing materials ready to go!

When choosing the right box for each order (our favourite job) we make sure any previous tape is removed and we seal it with paper tape, making it easy to recycle on your end.


The TurnAround Earth team try to be as eco conscious as possible when going to and from the office where we store & package our items. We walk or cycle (or get public transport if the British weather is really against us...) 


Wherever possible we try to deliver by cycle couriers. Unfortunately at present this service is limited to central London (although we would love to spend our days cycling in the country side). For the rest of our UK deliveries we have chosen to use Yodel, who align with our principles through being focussed on improving their social and environmental responsibility (to find out more on this click here).


Carbon Emissions & Offsetting

As part of the process to partner with Albert, they calculate our carbon emissions.  And we are delighted to say that due to all of our sustainable practices, our emissions are just 230 kgCO2e per year (the equivalent of the emissions produced by 4kg of beef). 
We are always looking at ways to reduce this further (one example is our continuing to focus on our deliveries to and from the office to ensure they are as green as possible). We also recognise that as our company grows, our carbon footprint will to, so will use our current emissions figure as a baseline to set targets against.
On top of this, we are offsetting our emissions through planting a tree with every order through Ecologi. As of June 2021, our 133 trees planted once matured will sequester 3tCO2e per year; meaning that we will be net positive and contributing to biodiversity in Madagascar whilst actively reducing global emissions!

Everything Else

When it comes to the small details of running a business we try to think about these too - such as bamboo pens to write our thank you notes and hand stamping our business cards with Vegan ink. 

We are new to the world of business and are trying our best to be eco minded. If there are any areas you think we can improve on please drop us an email at info@turnaroundearth.com.